Beautiful Science Study Case
Beautiful Science Study Case
Beautiful Science Study Case
The Project An interactive timeline to support Huntington Library’s Beautiful Science Exhibition. Accessible online and offline, as the exhibition’s interactive kiosk. It is a complex timeline with massive database of four different fields: Astronomy, Natural History, Medicine, and Light.
The Challenge Each field has entities that are cross-referencing, not only with each other, but with other entities from different fields, also. The challenge was to show each field with their entities in an easy-to-understand timeline, complete with their correlation, and to give each field a straight-forward visual identifier.
The Solutions Two sets of delineator that correlate between years and entities. A color coded graphic identity that represents the four fields, and serves as visual delineator. Straight forward, easy-to-use, functions and call-to-actions.

Wende Museum Study Case
Wende Museum Study Case
Wende Museum Study Case
The Project Website design for The Wende Museum, a museum dedicated for artifacts from the cold war era.
The Challenge Creating edgy, signature-design style that will also work with a Content Management System (CMS). CMS gives an easy-to-use platform for the Museum to update and manage their website on daily basis. But it means boundaries, limitations to what designer can do for the site. The design needs to stay in certain grids, and it always a challenge to create a visually complex design that works well with a CMS.
The Solutions Going outside the box. Literally. Explored and came up with design solutions that works with the boundaries and limitation of the grids, and the technicality of a Content Management System: (1) The three panels of spotlights were carefully designed to always gives interesting visual gallery to the viewer. (2) Triangle graphic is automatically added to the bottom of each drop-down menu (CSS), giving an edgy and modern touch to the site design. (3) The triangle treatment becomes the Museum's unique signature-design style, which was also applied on the lower-third call-to-actions. When user hover on one of the call-to-action, the hidden triangle graphic will appear along with its respective information. This hidden function was created to keep the site relatively clean, not to overload user with countless, colorful, graphics all at once.

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